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Cthulhu pin, Lovecraft brooch

This pin or brooch is heavily inspired by the famous lovecraftian creature Cthulhu. A monster created by Lovecraft, also known as the destroyer of worlds or the great old one.

Here is a cute take on Cthulhu with the famous quote "FHTAGN!"

Size: approx. 4.5x3.2 cm or 1.6x1.2 inches.

CategoryHandmade Pins & Brooches, Miscellaneous, Kawaii
EUR 7.00

  • Materials: Shrink plastic, Non toxic varnish, Metal Brooch or butterfly clutch.
  • Details: It is coated with a non toxic glossy varnish making the colors water resistant. But the pin itself is not waterproof.
  • Note: This item is completely handmade, so please allow for some slight imperfections and differences from the photos. Each piece is unique.

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